Kuldmokk's menu is inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine. We offer tastes from the shores of the Mediterranean sea - Europe, North-Africa and Middle-East. Besides regular menu, we have menu for kids and soon going to have a menu for vegans. For bigger events we compile a special menu, please write to us about your wishes restoran@kuldmokk.ee.
 Tapas style dishes to share to go with wine or starter.    
-artichoke cream, semi-dried tomatoes, corn chips                               
-Italian style marinated veggies
-prosciutto, peperoni, olives and cheese
        5.9 -            12
 Shrimps and baby octopus in tomato-paprika sauce with garlic aioli   and bread crumble        12

Ravioli giganti with porcini mushrooms, mushroom-orange cream sauce

Fettucine egg pasta with Venetian style ragu with duck hearts       9.90
Artichoke stew with veggies and mushroom in harissa flavoured broth       8.90

Flambee´d rabbit liver with carrots and leek, white wine-mango sauce


Sea bream fillet, rootcelery puree and salicornia

Flank steak with colorful veggies and beetroot-wine sauce        18
Side: Fresh salad with tomatoes and herbs        3.5

Tiramisu in a cup with Marsala wine         

Homemade icecream or sorbet: 2 balls, ask for choises          5
*All prices include VAT