Kuldmokk's menu is inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine. We offer tastes from the shores of the Mediterranean sea - Europe, North-Africa and Middle-East. Besides regular menu, we have menu for kids and soon going to have a menu for vegans. For bigger events we compile a special menu, please write to us about your wishes restoran@kuldmokk.ee.
Fresh oysters (Grassoteras gigas), from France       4-5
Tapas style dishes to share to go with wine or starter. Choose many
-house bread with baba ganoush, olive tapenade     
-artichoke cream, semi-dried tomatoes, corn chips                               
-dolmas with herbs and goat cheese cream 
-prosciutto, peperoni, olives, grissini 
-mediterranean cheeses and Kuldmokk honey  
 5 - 10

 Burrata buffalo cheese with aged beetroot

 Shrimps and baby octopus in tomato-paprika sauce with garlic aioli and   bread crumble 12

Venison tartare eggyolk cream, pearl onions, cornishons and espresso sauce


Ravioli giganti with mushrooms and ricotta in creamy sauce with truffle roe

Linguini di putanesca tomatoes, anjovis, olives, capers  9
Bouillabaisse, fisherman soup from Marseilles 12 

Parmigiana, eggplant lasagna with fresh salad

Turkey liver, chorizo, red gabbage and carrot 13

Sea bream fillet, rootccelery puree and salicornia

Flank steak with arabic style veggies and beetroot-wine sauce 18
Side: Fresh salad with tomatoes and herbs 3.5
House apple sweet 5.5

Tiramisu in a cup with Marsala wine         

Homemade icecream or sorbet: 2 balls, ask for choises  
*All prices include VAT