Kuldmokk offers tastes from all the shores of the
Mediterranean sea - from Europe, North Africa and 
Middle East.
Who is Kuldmokk?
Kuldmokk is a bird. It does not exist in the real nature. It is a fantasy and therefore quite a few gourmets would like to live in its world. Let us introduce you, what kind of a life kuldmokk lives.
Observers rarely see the flocks of kuldmokk. It is a special bird species, which above all is characterized by the gourmet. Kuldmokk chooses carefully what and how it eats as it appreciates good flavors, style and enjoyment in life.
Kuldmokk can have both the migratory and the residential lifestyle. Since Estonia's climate does not allow each season to find that something special to stimulate the gustation, you can often see it flapping its wings in the Mediterranean European, African and Middle Eastern coastal waters. As a social bird, Kuldmokk now and then makes quick visits to the neighboring chilly Nordic countries. It is a trusting scrambler who is not afraid to set sail in the uncharted waters to experience new flavors.
Kuldmokk can also be unexpected, so keep your mind and senses open!
For bookings or any other matter please write to us restoran@kuldmokk.ee!